Lauren Lohman | Descendants
Descendants began as a method of cathartic self expression and has since evolved into a study of generational redundancy. Once the single print expanded into multiples, Descendants became a body of work that questions how much one actually evolves from those that came before.

Drawing inspiration from abstract photographers Eileen Quinlan and James Welling, abstract expressionist paintings, and Richard Serra’s “Verb List”, I manipulate photographic paper in ways that produce unique reactions to light. Descendants is a multi-print installation that focuses on specific lineages. Each lineage is made of individual, or “generational”, black and white abstract prints, with the quantity of prints ranging from two to 20 depending on the lineage.

Multiples occur everywhere. In an ever-expanding universe there is bound to be repetition in some form, for people we call this repetition our children and in the art world we call it prints or editions. Coining the phrase “generational redundancy” I aim to collide these two worlds to examine questions surrounding the ideas of multiplicity, predominantly if there could be such a thing as a perfect reproduction and how changes in generations affect how we view an original.